Thursday, July 24, 2014

Everything has changed

Well it's been over a year since my last post and it's my bad. Life got crazy! Kids got older and more demanding, the little kids got more needy. Our life from 2012- 2014 well it's been a crazy ride a lot of ups and downs. Kids are still cute, Trent is still Trent and is a kid himself and me well I'm still crazy! Ha ha I guess that happens when you have kids! I'm only kidding....... Kinda. Jump forward to July 2014

Brayson will be 13 this October. Yes I'm in denial because it's unreal that I will have a teenager. He FINALLY cut his long hair! He looks soo much better with short hair! Such a handsome boy. He is going into 7th grade, he survived 6th grade. As far as I know he likes it, I'm sure there are a lot of pretty girls at school too so that helps! 

Paige is 10 and already going through the changes of puberty... HELP, she's so emotional and will cry if you look at her wrong. That itself is a wild rollar coaster for me. She has boobs and she has to point it out every night!! She loves to wash her face at night! She's going into fifth grade but we are changing schools due to moving. She's not happy about it but she will survive haha!!

Chance is 5 and going in to kindergarden!! Agh agh it's not happening he's a mommas boy and stuck to my hip so how is this going to work without him crying.... He doesn't even like to go to primary class without me. My goal with him is to get him to primary without me so kindergarden isn't traumatizing for him! I hope and pray!!! He's my boy!!

Miss Princess Destiny! She's 3 😢 she's dadda's gurl! She has Trent wrapped around her finger!! They're so cute together I cherish the moments that I sit there and just watch him with her! She's all girl, hates to have her hair washed but loves to get her toes and nails painted!! 

We moved!! After being in our home for 6years, we needed to move! It's a bittersweet move for us! A lot of memories in that home, I gave birth to Chance and Destiny in the bath tub! Trent and I had our first Christmas together in that house! It's okay we can make memories anywhere!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Almost the end

Well first things first I passed my boards so I'm officially a CNA!!!! Whoo whoo! I still can not believe I passed lol I know crazy when did I have time to study who knows. I work graveyard, raise 4 kids and went to school and passed! Whew it was a lot but its not over oh no I will continue to go to school! I will become an RN!!!! This year has been a little crazy and it flew by! I've said goodbye to my grandma Cheney now my husband has had to say goodbye to his grandma Betty! We will be with them one day! I love you both

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another Year gone by

So this year is almost over yet again. Another year here and gone just like that! Well where to begin.. Summer was the adventure for us, kids going into a grade higher and mom going back to school. A lot on my plate oh yes! Picture this 5 1/2 course WOW crazy! I wanted to go back to school but for what I pondered and pondered about it for about a year and half and finally it hit me! My goal/ dream is to become an RN. So I am starting at the bottom on the pole and I do mean the Bottom, haha. I'm a CNA Certified Nursing Assistant. I do all the dirty work, but school is my main point in this, it was hard but not to hard. Its all common sense, it just was the course was short and there was a lot to cover in 4 weeks and than Clinicals'. I made it though some nasty information and the BIG final to determine if anyone went onto Clinicals'. I passed with a B! That's good enough for me because I just wanting to pass the darn thing!!!! My graduation was August 11, 2012 and that was a special day for me. My husband Trent was there to support and he was very proud of me and I loved it! My mother in law was there and Hannah came as well! I truly enjoyed that day. Next step is finding a job oh my its ruff! If you don't know someone already in the field good luck!!
BACK TO SCHOOL My kids went back to school and so far they enjoy and they like their teachers so that's good. Brayson's in 5Th grade and Paige is in 3rd. Well time has flown by hasn't it. :( We've had back to school night and they are changing everything around so Im hoping this school year is going to be good!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Grandma Cheney! Cousin Fun

My grandma Joanne Cheney passed away August 19,2012 her funeral was August 25, 2012. She was a wonderful grandma! She was sweet and caring, unfortunately us cousins don't see each other often like we should, but we are all busy with our cute little families and friends! Which is good because that's what keeps us sane! Lol I loved seeing my cousins and meeting spouses! Emily is my cousin Trevor's wife and she is awesome I enjoyed getting to know her! I saw Jill and Philip and its been WAY to long! I met Emily's husband Bobby and got to talk with Emily for a little while!! I sure love all sides of my family! We are an extremely big family! 50- 60 people just from the cheney side who knew! Anywho I still need to meet the English side and than I can finally say Ive meet everyone!!!!! Lol I don't have pictures because my babies were driving me up a wall!!

We drove to Roseville with Chance and Destiny! Crazy oh yes, I thought it would be just Trent and I but no he wanted the little ones to tag along.... Next time I don't think so! 9 hours in the car oh what a pleasant drive heaven help us

Thursday, August 2, 2012

SuMmEr 2012

This summer has just flown bye in a blink of the eye! Brayson is going into 5th grade, Paige is going into 3rd grade, mom went back to school and took a 5 1/2 week course to become an CNA and I love it!!! I never really thought I'd enjoy the nursing field but it turns out I have a special gift and yes that is standing the smell of poop!!! People often tell me when I mention "yea I want to be a CNA and move up in my career" their reaction "oh my" that's a ruff job. Think about it isn't every job HARD??!!!!!!!!!!!! The answer your looking for is Yes every job is hard. If you have a job in this economy than just be thankful! My kids are wonderful and lets face it there are just kids! Oh the lovely never ending melt downs my oh my! Chance has melts downs like I've never seen before, Screams, cry's, and who knows what else! I was at fresh and easy on day and I turned off his movie, and WOW there it is never ending tantrum holy cow and it was over me turning of his movie, so as I'm getting him out a older lady is just staring at me. Let me remind you I just turned off his movie, so anyways as she's staring at me I'm sure she is thinking I'm beating my child no that's not the case so my steam and frustrating starts to build and I wanting to say take a picture it will last longer!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT I didn't, shocker right, I know I was shocked too! Geese some people! HAHAHA If you have kids you know what I mean you can't avoid the staring, judging, or talk. Just remember that if your judging, somebody is judging you! I let my kids be kids even though they try my patience they make life enjoyable!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vegas, Kids, Marriage

Its spring time in Las Vegas and the weather is gorgeous. My kids are growing up so fast its insane! Where did the time go? This year is even crazy, April already... Really is the a pause button for life? I wish! Brayson will be 11 this year and is growing up too damn fast! pre pre teen is already beginning. He is an awesome kid, funny as heck to. He always has me laughing, the things he says.

Paige is Paige. nothing new with her she still is miss drama queen. I love her she is my child that will give me a run for my money so much like me. Its crazy to think I have a kid that is like me... crap! What will I do when she is a teen. She is a big help. She has a sore or infection on her lady part.. So I took her to her doctor and they didnt know what it is of course right they just want your money... So she prescribes a antibiotic Twice a day for ten days. If it doesnt go away I want to see her again.. agh okay for what exactly. please someone tell me cause the thing is still there and now im broke cause you took my money hahaha okay maybe not broke but you get what im saying. Paige is all concerned now, its still there mom what if it doesnt go away? will you have to take me to the doctors or worse the hospital dont let that happen mom please, I dont want them to hurt me! poor thing always stuff going on with girls. Do you ever noticed that?? Boys when can something happen to your men parts!!! lol hahaha

Friday, April 13, 2012